Saturday, May 06, 2006

life is short but beautiful.. what do u think??

exam coming soon~~ yet..i'm still ponder around others' blog to find interesting writings tat draw my attention...
i stopped at one particular blog... i was inspired by the piece below..
not only tat.. i was inspired by the comments too.. hehe...
n so.. i copy it into my blog.. n would like to share with my frens..
"All the things that has been said makes a lot of sense..each question has a lesson to be learnt.."
enjoy it... there may be other answers for them... =)

here u go..

The first question is “What is the nearest thing to us in this world?”
Some might say our parents, our teachers, our friends. All this may be the correct answer, but the bestanswer is the closet thing to us is Death. It is known that all living things will eventually die. And on the Day of Judgment, we will receive our blessing for our deeds. To those who are granted the passage to heaven,then that person is truly a devoted servant of God.
Life on earth is nothing but a distraction and a test of our devotion to God. So in a sense, although we are busy with work and other worldly things, do not forget God, for He is around us.
comment.. Death is the nearest but yet so far away.When a person have the most luckiest life of all, Deathis very near to him/her as he/she had no intention to be living out of his/her body. Bu Death for a person who is in debts, broken family, with a broken heart everything in this life seems so cruel and not a single air came to him/her lungs to fill up the empty tanks, DEATH indeed is faraway.
He will have to decide whether to suicide or to livewith it to be optimistic..but either way death is so far..if he dies no one will thank him no one will listen again why he dies…there remains onl criticism,rage,confusions,sadness and not one person will remember to listen why he dies..i said death is faraway because death is a chance for us to live again in another lifeform/space/non-existent..there are many legends and myths you can apply on which ever you believe in but still it’s another chance.but if he suicide, he will be judge, he will be punished and he have no chance to prove that he only chooses his path to die and no one is on his side..sometimes our own decisions are not meant to be our choice..

The second question is “What is the furthest thing from us in this world?”
Some might say China, the moon, the sun and the stars. Again these answers are correct, but the best answeris The Passing of Time.
We will never be able to turn back time no matter what thus we should make the bestof our days and we should not spend our days doing things which are not beneficial. I guess this is really true, that many of us do not use the time we have to the best of our abilities. I think we all should allocate time doing things that matters most, such as studying, working and completing whatever tasks that we have. Once the time is gone, it is no use asking for more time or to regret for not completing our tasks when we had the time.
however, i agree with another comment that’s our past actions.what we did, we cannot undo, what we aid we cannot withdrawn.If you said the answer is time pass,then when we sleep, time too passes faster than anything we have used our time’s not beneficial to sleep as it waste our time..yes it is our body condition which needs it but have you ever think of if we use that 6 hours of sleep in 1 year..well you elaborate it.
Actions leave a scar and some may not ever heal.permanent ink stamp on the lifeof a child, a person who have grown still carries it through all his life.
Even when he is engae with a new life, family,neighbourhood…it’s still there.we gave others chance and others gave us chance to right the wrongs but whatever or however hard you tried,some inks are permanent.That’s why it’s the furthest…

The third question is “What is the Biggest Thing in this World?”
Some answers are mountains, the earth and the sun. But the most accurate answer is our Lust. Humans have been given a heart but it is not used to gain knowledge, we are given eyes but it’s not used to witness the creations of God Almighty, we have ears but it is not used to hear God’s verses. In fact, we are like animals, if not more ignorant and careless, and for these people there is only one place, which is Hell.
Our carelessness and ignorant can be attributed to our lust. Therefore we should always control our lustso that it does not overwhelm us and also to avoid us being categorized as those who will suffer on the Judgement Day. So from today onwards, let’s make a stand not to give in to our lust easily and be misled.
again... here's another acceptable comment..
The biggest thing in life is our HEART.
we can forgive no matter how or what is it if we love someone.we can hold a crime of our love ones with our heart yet we still love them.
we human can even give the last penny in the pocket to our love ones and left ourself to starve.we might not be able to give them happinessbut we stll love them as we always will.
A mother will love her child even he is useless and only eats and sleeps no matter how many years or decades it has been.
A child will always lovehis/her parents even when after all what they have given is scar for all her life.
A lover is always calculating the terms and the gifts with their love ones but yet they still love them…
That’s why i said HEART is the biggest thing in life, it can hold the very truth of someone, hold lies and deceive, hold fears and bravery, hold love and hatred, hold happiness and sadness, it can even hold lust.

The fourth question is “What is the Heaviest burden in the world?”
The answer is not steel, elephants and mountains. The correct answer is Trust and Integrity. All of God's creations, be it the sky, earth and mountains have rejected the trust given to them and this responsibility now falls into the hands of humans, which is neither intelligent nor responsible. Today, we can see humans caught up in the rat race to be a leader without realizing their own strengths and weakness. Therefore many have failed to make good leaders, blinded by riches and their fantasies, therefore unable to distinguish the good from the bad resulting in the failure to uphold the burden of Trust placed on us. Try to imagine a world without trust. Try to imagine having friends but none of them can be trusted. How we do turn to in times of turbulence? That is why in my humble opinion, trust and being trustworthy is very important.

yet... another comment~~~ The heaviest burden in life is LOVE…when we love someone we will do everything no matter what it takes for our love ones willingly or unwillingly, but we still do it for them.Because we love them…we will kill for protection, steal for survival, race for pride, abandon richest of life for pure happiness of him/her.
Love is a burden, but you would said when love is a burden, it’s not love at all.
Do you abandon you kids when they burden you?Do you abandon your job when they burden you?Do you abandon your riches when they burden you like the creeps of death and robbers smirking at you?
NO you dont..because you love them,you love you kids, you love your job, you love your riches. Love is the heaviest afterall

The fifth question is “What is the Lightest (easiest) thing in the world?”
The lightest thing in life is our pride.. pride can make you fly upon the highest building. pride makes you forgot you are only human and that you have weight. Makes you think that you can fly and no one can stop you.
If we have pride we have wings because we have belief.
Because we already built in our hearts to think that we can do almost anything as we are proud and we never will look at the flowers aside the street. we will never look again how hard life was.. we tend to forget what is humble.

The sixth question is “What is the Sharpest Object in the World?”
The sword might be sharp, but the sharpest thing is our tongues and words we utter. Because of our words,someone might easily take offence and feel hurt be it our parents, our spouse and even our friends.
Be mindful of whatwe say and also not to hurt anyone with harsh words. All of us should be mindful of what we utter each day.We shouldn’t slander others, nor should we tell lies. our words are the sahrpest of all things. It can kill not life but a heart...

Life on earth is nothing but a distraction and a test to our devotion to God...
life is short but beautiful..
live it to the fullest...