Tuesday, February 21, 2006

PE 19,20

celebrating hui ying's bday!! ~~~

aiya... too bad.. i only joined their throngs by coincidence.. as i accidentally met them at wing's cafe.. anyway... it's still an unforgetable memory... n this is the group photo of us...

being able to b in PE 20.. to me.. jz like wat i told mr. amlan.. i'm glad to b in PE 20.. n it can b said tat.. my happiest time of my student life is in PE 20.. n not to forget.. also b wit PE 19.. as PE19,20 hv been together for three trimester thru thick n thin..

from first trimester till nw... the time tat we had shared among PE 19,20 can nvr b erased from our mind... no matter it's the good or the bad ones.. let's join me in the memory lane of mine with PE19,20... in trimester 1...

still remember the barber shop??...

haha... wat lah... mama ask u to study.. u cum mmu to help ppl cut hair.. haih... wahhaha...

it's a rare experience to me... n i'm curious about... how cum these two ppl trust my skill..?? haha... anyway... i'm helping them to get their smart card... hehe... so.... this is one of the weird event tat happened in my life in first semester...


i found my son!!

i dun think others will blieve this.. so do i.. hehe.. this guy... alwiz wear the same colour of shirt wit me... no planning one yoh.. haih... even the handphone pouch, water bottle, n buddha string... haih... i wonder... n so... i take him as my son... hehe... n not long after i take him as my son.. i hv a daughter in law.. haha... son.. jia you oh... actually i've lots so call relatives in mmu la.. jie mei, brothers, daddy, ah gong, nephew n bla bla bla... they are all my best frens in mmu...

let's see... another unforgetable memory...

celebrating yk n manfred's bday... surprisingly.... i bought them a cake.. haha... that was the 1st time i bought cake to celebrate my frens' bday.... n so... hv to thx khim to fetch me to the shop to buy the cake lo.. hehe

hmm.... then the 3 good frens went to PD trip.... n one got his xing fu... haha.....

having fun yea... haha... of cz... as touring wit frens is another kind of feelings compare wit touring wit family members... bsides.. i went to planetorium, kuala selangor, n gunung ledang wit the girls in PE19 too...

tis is the one.... me wit PE19 girls... sushyan, leena n hui ying...

the trip to planetorium n kuala selangor to c the fireflies....

we r on the way to our destination...............

some hw... in the end of the 1st trimester...

i received a surprise frm jia xing.. our boss... haha....

the details of hw we bhave during lecture... enjoy it.. cz it's cool.. haha

so... wat's ur opinion???


anyway... the memory lane.... for 1st trimester end here....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

"sth tat i wana share wit u"

Did u know??
--> did u noe tat when u envy sum1, it's bcz u really like tat person??
--> did u noe tat those who appear to b very strong in heart, r real weaklings n most succeptible??
--> did u noe tat those who spend their time protecting others r the ones tat need sum1 to protect them??
--> did u noe tat the 3 most diff things to say r: i love u, sorry n help me. the ppl who say these r tat actually nid them or really feel them, n r the ones u really nid to treasure, bcz they hv said them.
--> did u noe tat ppl who occupied themseves by keeping others company or helping others r the ones tat actually nid ur company n help??

--> did u noe tat those who dress in red r more confidence in themselves??
--> did u noe tat those who dress in yellow r those tat enjoy their beauty??
--> did u noe tat those who dress in black r those who want to b unnoticed n nid ur help n understanding??
--> did u noe tat when u help sum1, the help is returned in two folds??
--> did u noe tat those who nid more of u r those tat not mention it to u??
--> did u noe tat it's easier to say wat u feel in writting than saying it to sum1 in the face?? but did u noe tat it has more value when u say it in the face??
--> did u noe tat wat is most diff 4 u to say or do is much more value than anything tat is valuabvle tat u can buy wit money??
--> did u noe tat if u ask for sth in faith, ur wishes r granted??
--> did u noe tat u can make ur dreams cum true, like falling in love, bcuming rich, staying healthy, if u ask for it by faith, n if u really knew, u'd b surprised by wat u cud do...
--> but dun blieve everything i tell u until u try it 4 urself, if u noe sum1 tat is in nid of sth tat i mentioned of, n u noe tat u can help, u'll c tat it will b returned in two folds....

Friday, February 17, 2006


finally... end of d 2nd week of 3rd trimester... it's another hot n heating friday.. feel like as if in the stove.. today is the last day of trial shooting for paintball shooting.... got to noe many new frens frm tis event.. n definitely had learnt lots of things frm them... a memorable experience indeed...

since yesterday.. not feeling well... cum bek earlier frm the booth today oso bcz not feeling well lah... anyway... i'm glad got few ppl there to help them... so i can cum bek earlier to hv some rest.. hmm... jz had my first quiz today... applied maths.. haih... shud b ok gua.. hope so... cz when one's condition nt really good... everything went wrong too...

again.. not going bek muar this weekend.. of cz.. i miss them... not tat i'm heartless.. i do care for them.. but.. so near yet so far.. :[

okla... tired ored... i wish i'll hv a wonderful weekend in malacca!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

life is unpredictable...

sth jz happened.. n i'm feeling very very dwn nw.. sum1 btray me.. sum1 i trust disappoint me.. i hate to accept the truth bt it has happened.. n nth can change this reality..

a big impact on me indeed... jz one statement.. one simple yet cruel statement tat cause my heart bleeding nw... my heart shattered.. shattered into pieces.. bt i wnt drop a single tear.. nt even one.. i hv trusted the wrong one.. n i wnt let history repeat itself..

i'm alwiz confuse.. treating every1 as if they were the most special n the most important guest for u...is this a right concept?? i hate to say tat this is a stupid concept tat i've obeyed for 18 years n this stupid concept had alwiz been reciprocated badly.. n tat's y i get hurt again n again...

nth makes me feel tired.. on duty at three booths in one short had only make me feel tired physically but nt mentality.. i feel tired in my heart nw cz i'm tired of convincing myself in blieving tat concept... i'm tired.. exhausted.. fed up...

cheers to 80's babies!!

this article is written by a Muar-ian.. n it's really an interesting article n i'm sure u'll give it a smile after u read it.. cheers to 80's babies(i'm a 80's baby!!).. hehe..

For your reading pleasure...some might be true.
Hope you will all enjoy reading it.
This might bring you back the old memory especially during those school days.....

Signs that you are a 80s' baby:
You grew up watching G-Force, He-man, Transformers, Thundercats,Silver Hawk, Woody Woodpecker, Chipmunks and Mickey Mouse.
Not to forget Ninja Turtles, Mask, Smurfs and Voltron too.

Girls watched Japanese cartoon like My Little Pony, "Xiao Tian Tian","Hua Xian Zi" etc.

You grew up brushing your teeth with a mug in primary school afterrecess time.

You squatted by a drain with all your classmates beside you, and brushed your teeth with a colourful mug.

Remember the days when the school nurse, comes with a list for the dentist appointment, the sound of the drilling when your friend has a fill in his tooth.

You remember the packets of milk we get in primary school to encourage us to drink more milk. (It is only cost 30 cent per pack)

In secondary school, girls go to the library to borrow their favourite romance storybook.

In secondary school, girls altered their school skirt to shorten it and guys will go to the school appointed school uniform tailor shop to tailor make their school trousers to the then fashionable "baggypants"!

During primary school days, the teacher will punish you using a ruler to hit your palm.

A bowl of noodles soup cost only 30cent in primary school days.

When you were in primary school, girls like to go to the bookshop to buy cute stuff such as animal erasers, various shape sharpeners,colourful notebook etc.

Hankyu Jaya, Yaohan departmental stores used to be a favourite hangout for families during weekends.

In secondary school days, you buy the Bata BM Turbo or Pallas Jazzschool shoes.
Some guys like to wear those china made ankle high shoes.
Some even like to wear those very thick socks with their schoolshoes.

Internet? E-mail? What the hell is that?

So you thought a decade or more ago, your friends don't have pagers or handphones in school.

CDs? What's that? Cassette tapes were the norm. Movie tickets used tocost less than $5 last time.

The goodies from Mama shop used to be Chickerdis, Mamee , Kum Kum,UFO, O-Ya, Ding Dang chocolate balls with toys in the box, colourfulhard "egg","cigerette" bubble gum, KIKI Bubble Gum, pink bottle of bubbles c/w asmall tubes with yellow sticks to blow "more lasting" bubbles thatyou can pop more air in or slam it on.

You never forget 'Ti Kam'.
When exams are over, the board games (e.g Monopoly,Donkey, Transportation Comparison Card) & held ! video games will beall over the class room.

Your favourite sound is the bell!
For it's the homemade ice cream man. The cream that tops Haagan Dazs!

And the other peddler you love is the old lady who sells juicy MuahChee and thick olden syrup rolled in a balloon the tip of a chopstickstick.

Another bell is the recess bell, a time to get away from school workand to eat.

Another time when there is no bell but all guys will anxiously waitfor it...The PJ (Pendidikan Jasmani), PE time (time for football)

Your favourite childhood games were playing "gu li"(marbles), fivestones, five bottle cover, zero-point, catching, "Pepsi-Cola one twothree" and/or "Police & Sentry"!

The best thirst quencher of all times is the yummy colourful icetubes you can buy from provision shops for only 10 cent. To eat them,break the tab and suckwhile holding the freezing tube!

All gals have a girl doll/strawberry shortcake/my little pony/poundpuppy,
while all boys have a soldiers figurine (combat) or a rubberband catapultthat shoots folded paper!

Once was the era whereby ice-cream sticks were valueable items, then came the paper aircrafts, chalk fights.

Some boys made their own guns from wood, and used 'Bacali' as thebullets.

Some even used matches to shoot and burn kids'lanterns duringMoonCake Festival.

And your favourite holiday was Lunar New Year! New clothes, Ang Pows,shopping, junk food and family outings!

Let's see, the majority of students in universities today were bornin 1987 / 88....
They are called "youth".

For them, they have never heard of the song "We are the World, we arethe Children..."
And the "Uptown Girl" they know is by 'West Life'but not 'Billy Joel'.

For them, there have always been only one Germany and only oneVietnam.
AIDS exists since they were born.
CD exists since they were born.

Michael Jackson is already whitened.

John Travolta is always round in shape and they can't imagine howthis fat guy could be a god of dance.

They believe that Spiderman and Incredible Hulk are just new films.

They can never imagine a black and white screen for a computer.

They never know what is Atari or 'Game & Watch'.

They can't believe a black and white television ever existed and theydon't even know how to switch on a TV without a remote control.

And they never understand how we can go out without a mobile phone when we were in university...

Let's check if we're getting old...

1. You understand what was written above and you smile.

2. Most of your secondary school friends are getting married.

3. You are always surprised to see small children playing comfortably with computer.

4. When you see teenagers with mobile phones, you shake your head.

5. You spend less and less time talking on phone with your friendsdaily.

6. When you meet your old friends from time to time, talking about the good old days, repeating again and again all funny stories you experienced together.

7. Lastly, having read this mail, you are thinking of forwarding itto some other old friends. You think they will like it too.....Hahaha!....

Yes! We are getting old too...........Brings back old memories huh?
Cheers to the 80s babies!!!


happy birthday to u.. happy birthday to u.. happy birthday to sing yee.. happy birthday to u... :P

yesterday was sing yee's birthday.. age?? secret... haha.. as her hsemates, all of us sure hv sum surprise for her lah.. each of us came out with diff ideas to "lure" her back cz she's in the campus at tat time which is the night of 8th feb.. aiyo... the trick is/??? haha.. lie to her tat her roommate, chun yee lock her own keys in the room... then i suggested tat we put the cake on her desk so tat when she open the door for chun yee, she'll get a big surprise!! n indeed my idea works... she drop her tears cz she nvr thought tat we'll do tat..haha...

the other happy moment was tat.. finally 9 of us in this 03-10 unit b able to hv a family photo.. each time sure will left sum1 out.. however .. finally we hv our family photo nw!! yeah!!! n not only this.. finally i hv my photos wit 2 of my roommates.. haha.. all the photos we took last time were all using representative which were all our toys.. but not in person.. finally.. all of us were together on one big occasion in 03-10.. hehe..

above (from the left):

xuet li, chun yee, pauline, jia qi( my mummy), yi wen

below (from the left):

chui ai, k3 r3n, sing yee, ivy

n this is the photos of tenants in room 1
wit sing yee, the birthday girl..

from the left:
ivy, sing yee, xuetli, k3 r3n

i'm glad tat i hv chosen mmu as my school n i'm glad tat i'm living in this lovely 03-10 unit.. we had so many sweetest memories in here.. i still remember hw they take care of me when i'm sick; during tangyuan festival, they cook tangyuan for us cz we were havin exam n cannot bek to our hometwn to hv our mama homemade tangyuan; the days when we naming each room: room 1- monkey room; room 2-rabbit room; room 3- piggy room; room 4?? i prefer it to b nameless first.. as both of the girls in tat room are acting like our mummy.. hehe.. n i'm ored the daughter of jia qi..; n oso the day when we all taking photos in the midnight n all dress up in formal.. ahha.. n etc.....

we might hv misunderstanding sumtimes.. we might hv sum arguments sumtimes.. but.. i can feel the relationship btw all of us is tighten thru all these.. watever it is.. 03-10 has given me the feel of being at home.. n u all hv given me the feel of family..... thx for everything...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

no play, all study, makes k3 r3n a dull girl...

haih.... i hate ep connection.. the day b4 yest i wrote a super duper long blog... who noes... the stupid connection suddenly server dwn.. cant even open frenster... nvm.. i've the determination... all i hv to do is jz write another similar blog.. haha...

i only hv one hour lecture yesterday... yet i stayback in campus till 6++ pm again.. haih... anyway.. i learnt lots of things in my first week in 3rd trimester.. n oso get to noe many new frens in this trimester..

fiesta carnival
hmm... almost each day of the first week.. i'm promoting this.. n bcz of this event, i make more new frens, n learn more in organising events.. n bcz of this event.. i bcum the part time promoter in the hotlink booth.. yest i was given a hotlink T-shirt.. n ppl thot i'm the real hotlink promoter.. n i was asked to solve all sorts of Q tat i'm not familliar with which are those regarding hp, SIM card, GPRS n etc.. however.. i learnt a lot about maxis n hotlink after the one day job.. though there's no commission given cz we were helping us as they r our main sponsor..
an exciting game indeed.. thru this game, i hv a strong feel tat we mz fight for our right.. protect ourselves n nvr gv up... though i'm not an expert in this... i got to noe the malaysia champion of this game in person n i hv found myself two shifus to help me in this game.. hehe.. cz i'm going to b in the tournament.. yest was my first try.. i got 7 out of 10.. i think is very good as it's my first try... n i'll work hard to improve my skill... hehe... anyway.. it's really fun when u shoot.. can gv it a try yo...
many ppl ask me y i wana join so many activities.. is it i'm too free?? or wana b famous??? no la... i jz wana get to noe more frens n oso gain experiences.. n i'm enjoying myself in all these events.. though i've less time to rest cz whenever i go bek home, i hv to fully use the time left to do revision... yet i enjoy the process.. n i'd love to c the changes in me.. of cz to b a better one.. n so i nvr regret joining so many activities.. n "no play, all study makes k3 r3n a dull girl".. hahaha.. a new quote frm me.. hahahaha..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

brand new semester!!

it's only the first day of 3rd trimester.. n i feel exhausted nw...
catch up with the lecture & also the changes in life as well as adding more sparks in my campus life@@... hehe.. of cz .. again.. i'm active in organising events..

i reached home at around 2pm on that hot n fine sunday... then tidying my dear room in EP.. when's the last time i step in this hse?? 16/1... yea.. the day when i had my last paper for 2nd trimester.. n then... i got sms from stan, my senior.. n with this i start my life as a student again after 2 weeks rest.. haha...

i went to CLC concourse after packing my things.. brainstorming... think n think .. hw to decorate our booth?? this is an important task n i'm grateful tat stan n his frens trusted me in decorating... i feel stressed.. however i did my best n finish it in time... thank god the result is not too bad.. n i'm thankful tat i've the other committees to help me complete this task...

then we went for YC session after the hard work.. if not mistaken it's around 1 sth am when we reach CD.. then chitchating session n makan.. haha.. hungry mah... n it's unbelievable tat we chatted for about two hours.. then only we went bek to our own hse... n wat leei n me afraid of is tat.. r we able to wake up so early next morning in order to attend our first lecture?? oh no... hahahaha... fortunately.. we able to wake ourselves up ..

then we had our first lecture.. chemistry... i'm interested in this course.. so i'm not really worried about it... on the other hand.. physics is wat i'm afraid of.. cz again... the syllable includes those vector... ar.... i hate tat...

anyway.. hopefully tat my physics lecturer make this lecture as interesting n as lively as possible.. sth funny happen today.. my physics lecturer ask me to pronounce his surname.. n if i pronounce it wrongly, he gonna knock my head with his marker.. LUCKILY... I PRONOUNCE IT CORRECTLY.. hahaaha...

till nw,.. i think these few nights i hv to go to campus quite often to help out my clubs' events... i pray tat i can pass this semester as smoothly as 2nd semester... n definitely i'll fully use my time n enjoy each n every second of my life in my dearest university... MMU