Tuesday, January 10, 2006

welcome to the place where u get highest frequency!!

~~~~ let me proudly present----> MUAR...~~~~
The place where i belong.. the place where i was born and breed.. oo.. hehe..
places to play??? hmm... i prefer it as a place tat we live to eat... instead of eat to live.. hehe... as the food here is delicious.. yummy yummy... people with simple lifestyle, friendly smile, warmest welcome, lovely buildings, & yummy delicacies... etc...
Recently, i brought two of my hsemates to hv a one day tour in muar.. i'm glad tat they enjoy the tour guided by me... wahaha... so many first time occur... & do enjoy the photos uploaded here..
it's all about their tour... from my hse-->my sweet room--->wetex---> tan1 chi4 jie1--->halo cafe--->tanjung.....

hey,.... look!!!! food!!!! wahahahhaa... satay, duck rice, wantan noodles, brain brain, and man jian kuih... etc... & the three of us finish all this... wah!!!! hehe... & this is b4.. the photos below.. is after.. hehe...

hehe... before & after.... dun forget to wipe ur mouth then we hv second round in my hse yoh... my mummy's cooking... dinner time!! no wasting of food & time.. good girlz...

let's c... this was taken when they were waiting for their bus to bek to malacca... notice wat we pointed?? it's wat muar famous of....

muar famous of not only the food... but oso the ariel.. hehe... tat's y muar-ian's frequency are high... wahaha

wat a unique place it is... tat's y i care, love, cherish muar--- as my HOMETOWN... a simple place for the extraordinary ones.... MUAR--the sweetest memory of all...

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simply me

it's nw 5.38am... everyone piah-ing chek... so do i.. hehe..
study.... for the better future..
anyway... nth to do.. resting nw.. so decided to write sth bout myself... here goes..

karen tan shi li
the youngest child in tan family
nickname: LOL... a lot.. but i like k3 r3n & carrotegg the most..
of cz, not to forget my maiden name.. ah bi..
enjoy my life to the fullest.. no regrets!!
status: it's complicated.. hehe.. :P
fav. colour : white cz it contains of seven beautiful colous tat forms rainbow
favourite day: thursday
fav. number: 5 cz five of us in tan family & represent star
favourite food: apple pie,sushi
fav. car plat number: JAA 55
fav. artist: ....lots lah.. depend on the songs too
fav. school: MMU malacca campus
Likes: blog-ing, sing-ing, dance-ing, model tower-ing, kacau-ing.piano-ing. haha..
Dislikes: horror movies, forbidden words, betrayers, pretenders...
i think tat's all for the time being... all the best in final exam!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

a new blog.. for a new me in this new year...

hey.. who's tat?? haha..
is me.. let me intro myself first...
notty k3 r3n.. from muar..
taking foundation in engineering in tat money making University... MMU...
hmm... wat else?? yeah.. live simple but never simply live..hehe..

i should b studying by nw... hmm...
but wat i'm doing is.. writing blog, chatting, day-dreaming,searching for lyrics.. & the list goes on..
final exam cuming... the first paper lies on wednesday night... is English... my favourite subject...yepee... then calculus on friday, physics on saturday----> then ... which means it's the end of the 2nd trimester lo....

actually this is not the first blog i had... i had one in frenster... but.. too bad.. it seems like there's a limit in writing there.. however.. i still enjoy blogging.. n tat's wat i'm doin right nw...

thinking back what i've done thru out 2005... flash back.. yeah... tat's the year i hv to choose where to continue my tertiary education.. & tat's the year tat will change the path of my life.. kind of scary.. but it's challenging... n of cz.. thru out all these, i've bcum a better person in handling my stuffs..

well, 2005... a tough year indeed.. many choices to b made in tat year...

i worked as a part time promoter while waiting for my SPM results--> there.. i learned hw to "entertain" customers.. haha.. deal with those customers tat torture my life.. got to noe so many good frens there.. all the sweet memories of lepak around the whole department..haha.. then... wear the sweater secretly & even eat titbits secretly behind the storeroom.. hehe... shh.... i'm glad tat i get along well with all the people out there.. cz my father forbided me to work there...

then, wat happen when i get my result?? yeah... tough time.. buying, aiming application forms bcum my routine,... haih... i hate those time.. cz waiting for the confirmation letter make me feel nervous, tension, stress... if not mistaken.. is on march, i get a letter from YTM.. tat invite me to go for their interview in terengganu... to go or not to go?? after sum thoughts, i decided not to go as it's too far away.. & my parents worried bout my safety along the journey.. i cried for tat.. cz it seems like it's the last opportunity for me... however, luck was on my side, one day... i got another invitation from YTM tat invite me for the 2nd interview in UM... yahoo!!!!! this time??? i go for wat i want!! & ppl out there.. if anyone of u get the invitation.. do not hesitate on going or not going.. as u'll for sure regret for not going as it's not a formal interview... is a camp where u can have lots of fun there!!! i miss those days...friends are the most important ones in my life bsides my family.. n those frens tat i noe in tat camp in UM are the best ones..

waiting for the results for the YTM scholarships again.. i shed my tears for tat.. as for the first time i phoned YTM, they told me tat i was not selected.. aduh.. my heart shattered into pieces.. n i make a confirmation with them as the whole group of mine in UM get the scholarships except me.. n once again.. they said.. i'm sorry.. haih... i hv to make a new decision in choosing my path... then.. thigns happened.. after about one months.. while i was working, my father phoned me n said tat i got the scholarships!! oh gosh.. did i hear wrongly?? n this is true!! as YTM send the statement to me.. yepee... hahaha... there's alwiz hope!! believe it!!

so... i enrol in MMU.. the money making University by holding this status as a YTM scholar... will i be able to survive in this U?? hmm?? without the pampered of my parents.. ?? n all these Q get its answers nw... of cz i survive.. haha.. cz tough time never lasts.. but tough people do...

here, MMU is my second home.. my dear school.. i nvr love my school b4.. haha.. for goodness sake, this is the first school tat i adore so much.. i like the environment.. wat a home sweet home.. this is the place i first started my new life out of my parents... the first place i hang out late at night for yc.. the first place where i organise events... the first place i learned to cope with my studies without tuition.. the first place i fall in love with it's everything......the first place where i found my best partner in playing, study, even yc.. the first place where i noe international students.. the first place where i dare to stand up n speak out wat is in my mind... i like this campus so much... though there's also sum sad & pain happen here..

it's hard to say wat will happen in the next second.. noone could predict it... in this campus, i learn to cherish each second tat i spend with my frens.. but do they realise this as well?? i treat each of them as my family members.. but do they treat me as theirs family member too?? sumtimes.. i get hurt... but i stand up again bcz in this life.. only one person tat can beat u dwn.. which is u urself... i'll remember all the precious moments tat i had in year 2005.... & i'll keep them safely in my long term memory...