Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year !

Welcoming myself like what I did on the previous post? haha ~
I wish I could maintain blogging like what I used to do back in uni-life.. alrite, I'll try... :)
perhaps, that's what the adults always say : " When you step into the working life, things aint the same anymore" (Oops ~ I am adult too, now! )

In order to trace back what's happening on my Year 2012.. 
The best way is looking thru the facebook album/instagram (thankful for that, at least I could still keep track on my life. Oh ! power of techology!)
I am glad that I had done quite a good job in balancing my life in order to spend more time with my family last year. (of course, there are always room for improvements, tee-hee)
Here's the mini diary of my Year 2012....

January 2012 :
Kickstart with Krabi Trip with FeiZhai
Having known each other for 4 years, we step into relationship after graduate. *hehe* 
Thanks for being with me through ups and downs. :)   
[ I doubt he reads this, Haha!]
Let's hope for more "ups" in Year 2013.. 

February 2012 :
Gong Xi Fa Cai !!! Ang Pao Time !!!

Our Elephant Tan is back - Wendy Tan... 
Some random activities like playing badminton, Malacca Trip, Singapore Trip, etc happen on this lovely CNY.. 

and not to forget, the annual gathering of CH3 and SAB girls :) 

We may not be able to meet often, but we know that we are close in hearts... 

March 2012 :
Accident. (I bang a police car ><  ouch! )
It happened on 5th of March, an awful experience which drawn me into nightmares for nights.
Thank God, I am alright. 
And thankful that my colleagues willing to take me as their temporary housemates for weeks 
while waiting for the car to be repaired.
and of course! I am lucky to have Papa Mama, family members and friends 
that care about me all time. Thanks! Big Hug!
Definitely not to forget this guy that rush to the highway 
to take care of me and accompany me to go to the police station 
and fetch me to hospital for check up. 
(Thanks Feizhai!)

HongKong, Macau, ShenZhen Trip 

A trip with 12 fellas is adventurous and full of fun! 
Awww... I miss the dimsum, wantan soup, egg tarts ! 

April and May 2012 :
Friendship month where lots of gatherings held on this month ! 

and most importantly, FLEXI was set up on April 2012, woot!

Guess what? 

Another exciting moment where ----- my friend is the rising icon ~ VSheanne
Helping her with her album recording in the studio... 
isn't it cool?

June 2012 :
Danang Trip with parents and uncle's family
It is actually papa's tour, 
and somehow he knows that I still got many annual leave, 
thus, he ask me to join in.. 
And of course, I said YES! hehe

July 2012 :
FeiZhai resigned ! means more time for me while waiting for his new job... 
greedy girlfriend I am :)

August 2012 :
Celebration of Papa Tan's Birthday 
Homemade cheesecake full with love by Tan Ah Bi and FeiZhai.. :)
May all your wishes come true 

Celebration of FeiZhai's Papa Birthday

Cyber Jimui Gathering 

Pillow talks and cam-whore session ! 

September 2012 :
Celebration of Mama's Birthday
A promise made on August when Mama saw the homemade cheesecake 
and thus I made one for her too !
(aiya.. no promise, I also will make one.. just that the promise is to make more fruits on top. LOL)

October 2012 :
Celebration of Ms Tan's Birthday 

 Thanks for all the birthday wishes.. you know who you are, no matter you are wishing through SMS, Whatsapps, FB, calls, etc. 
Each and every wish is appreciated. 

Wendy Tan back in action..
And finally, the BBQ session in Putra Heights is ON !
We had a wonderful time together as a family!
thanks to the host (WeiMin and Tina), and big thanks for the rib eye by Chef Wei Min... 
and the short trip of jalan-jalan cari makan in KL

November 2012 :
Long Waited Genting Trip with FeiZhai..(waited for 2 years)
Thanks Uncle Lim for offering the free room. 
If not, we gonna wait for another year I guess.. haha!
Thanks for the great company, FeiZhai!

December 2012 :
Jolly December well spent with family and friends

Trip to the city of digital lights with colleagues 
(another long waited trip)
Thanks for going through the Year of 2012 with me

Yee Yee gift exchange
Although 3 of us are working in KL, but it is really hard for us to meet up..
I am grateful that we are still manage to meet up at least once a year.. haha!
Let's hope that we could improve on that in Year 2013

Rendezvous annual Xmas celebration. 
This time round, Feizhai become the host :)

We held a BBQ party and stuffed ourselves with lotsa food.

Then we end our Year 2012 with 
East Coast Trip with Papa Mama

"Time is free, but it's priceless.
You can't own it, but you can use it.
You can't keep it, but you can spend it.
Once you've lost it you can never get it back."
Year 2012 has been lenient to me.
Grateful for the down time that I had on March and on October, I had learnt to cope with my emotion better and had learnt to be a braver person to standstill on my own perception.
Thanks for the beautiful memories and challenges, Year 2012.
2013 will be awesome!


Eagle Chou said...

Looks like you've done a good job! Go on and may happiness be with you!

Eagle Chou said...

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